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"My wife divorced me while I still had my two years green card. I thought I would get deported. Tania helped me with the application to remove conditions and I was able to obtain a ten years green card. Through out the entire process, Tania was always very easy to communicate with and kept me appraised of every details." - Alvaro

"My husband was put into removal proceedings because we didn't file an application to remove conditions. Tania helped me with the application and the fee waiver. She also appeared in immigration court for us and got the judge to terminate the case for us. My husband now has a 10 years green card."- Hayley Ramos

"We were in a long visa interview this morning with a lot of questions about dates of events and who is in photos. My wife and daughter can become a citizen immediately.
It has felt like a long long road and if it is possible, I shall always be grateful to you."​


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